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Car Lease Transfers in NYC

If you’re leasing a vehicle right now, but are needing out of that lease – whether because of a changing financial situation or because the vehicle you’re leasing no longer serves your needs – you might consider a lease transfer.

What is a Lease Transfer?

A lease transfer is a way to not only serve your needs, but to make someone else happy, too! It works like this: a third party takes over your present lease, totally freeing you up from all of its remaining obligations. The third party gets to drive a vehicle that’s new to him, all without having to make a down payment. And you are liberated, able to either lease nothing, or to move on to a vehicle that better suits your present needs. You win, the third party wins, and we win by having not one, but two happy customers!
To make a lease transfer happen – or, from the other side, to assume someone else’s lease – just call us up at 929-239-3040 and let’s get things going! We have a database of people who are wanting out of leases or are wanting to assume others’ leases, and we’ll get the right parties together!
Now, people want out of leases for different reasons. Sometimes, financial situations change such that someone can no longer afford the monthly payments he’d signed up for. Or maybe he still wants to lease, but just needs to lease something that doesn’t come with monthly payments as high as his present lease. Or maybe he simply needs a different type of vehicle. For ex., maybe someone leased a sweet little coupe – only to find himself, a year later, needing a sedan because of a lifestyle change, such as getting married and having a baby.
Whatever your reasons are for wanting out of a lease, if you’re wanting or needing to lease a different vehicle, we’ve got you totally covered! Read on to learn how!

After a Lease Transfer

So, you’d leased a flatbed truck, but quit your construction job and moved on to a desk job. A truck is just “too much” vehicle for you right now. Or maybe you went from a desk job to a construction gig. Or maybe you family has gotten larger, or maybe your 18-year old twins are off to college and you just no longer need that SUV you’d leased. Whatever your situation, and whatever sort of vehicle you’re wanting now with your changed needs, we have what you want! We can lease to you any – each and every – new model vehicle being made by Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Subaru, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo! Coupes, sedans, convertibles, SUVs, vans, mini-vans, trucks, off-road vehicles – whatever you want, we’ve got for you!
And when you see our leasing prices, you’ll be blown away! Our leasing prices are so low that our competitors can’t touch them! While that makes our competitors pretty grumpy, it makes our customers ecstatic. But it’s all due to a very simple thing: we keep our overhead costs as low as we reasonably can. To do that, though, we do something very different! Instead of having a physical car lot, we have a virtual car lot – a lot you can find on the internet.
That one difference might not sound like such a big thing, but it means big differences in terms of our ability to have such a huge inventory (you can park only so many vehicles on a physical lot!), our leasing prices, and, as you’ll soon read, convenience.
As to prices, those physical lots come with a ton of financial baggage. Just think of the costs involved in having one of those clunky old lots! Property costs, property taxes, insurance, ginormous utility bills, the payroll needed to pay those who work at those lots – and that’s just the beginning. The costs pile up high, and they’re always passed on to customers to pay for!
By having a virtual lot instead, we have none of those costs, which allows us to undersell our competitors in a big way. And not only that, our having a virtual lot also means that our customers get to experience unparalleled convenience!

Convenience like crazy!

To be blunt about it, leasing from a company with an old-school lot is a drag. You first have to get to that lot just in order to see what they have to offer you. So you bum a ride, call Uber, call a cab, or whatever. That’s just the first thing that happens!
Then you get to the lot, and what happens? A salesman will find you – and he won’t let you go. He’ll follow you around the entire time, talking your ear off, and, above all, try to sell you something. Not pleasant.
But when you lease with us, none of that applies. Instead, you just stay put at home, surf to our website, and there you are! You can do your shopping around any time you want, too, because our virtual lot is always open. You business hours, and no one else’s, matter. Take all the time you need as you’re looking around! There’ll be no one to put any pressure on you in any way whatsoever! And if you have questions, all you have to do is call us up and ask! Nice!

Financing Deals and Great Customer Service

After you’ve chosen that perfect vehicle, we’ll baby-step you through the financing, making sure you get a great deal with low interest rates, low monthly payments, and great, reasonable terms. We’ve got lots of experience in working directly with banks and other lenders to get such deals for our customers, and we’ll put it all to work for you. Not only that, we’ll go out of our way to make it all easy on you, even down to handling most of that tedious paperwork so you won’t have to mess with it!
Some of you reading this might be thinking, “Sigh. That’s great for other people, but my credit rating is too bad to qualify for financing. Woe, woe, woe…” Well, if that’s you, cut it out! We may well be able to help you, even with that bad credit rating of yours! We’re good at what we do – so good that we’ve even been able to get financing for people who’d already tried and were turned down! So chin up, mate! Give us a call instead of giving up!
As you can tell, leasing with us is as easy as it gets, and that’s by design. We want for you to have a smooth, laid back leasing experience – and that goes, too, on the day you get to take possession of your new lease! We won’t let you have to worry about how you’ll find a ride to go pick up your new vehicle. Just as before, when it came to car shopping, we don’t want you to have to call cabs or bum rides! So, instead, we’ll deliver your new ride right to you! You name the place – whether it’s your home, office, gym, a friend’s place – and relax while we bring your new ride your way. We’ll deliver it to most anyplace that’s convenient for you!

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Just call us up at 929-239-3040 if you have any questions for us! We’d love to meet you! And we’d love the chance to help get you mobile, driving all over New York City in a vehicle you really love!